10 Tips to get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Ireland

According to Irish Mirror & Bonkers  here are some tips that you should take in consideration before buying a car insurance policy in Ireland :

  • Choosing the Right Occupation Category

When choosing your job occupation make sure to choose the right category, otherwise you might end up paying more. For example, “office managers” pay more than “office administrators”.


  • Add a Second More Experienced  Driver

Although fraud and lies can make you save some money on insurance, it can lead you to jail because it is illegal. When seeking for an insurance quote you should be open and only provide the true information.

Lying about who is the main driver is considered illegal however adding a second driver with no-claims is completely fine.


  • Work with a broker, not an insurance company

-With brokers you have a large variance in the products from different insurance providers. brokers advise on the best service provider and best cover rate.

-Brokers have experience in maintaining stable customer relationships, and are always a call away to sort out any issue you have at hand.

-Brokers also take all the responsibility in getting you the desired premium and do all the searching work on your behalf.


  • Use Your Renewal Letter As A Benchmark

Once you get your renewal letter from your insurance company you are allowed a grace period of up to 15 days for you to get all together. You need to use this period to look for a cheaper insurance cover using your previous cover as a benchmark to get a cheaper option.

Take your insurance cost as the highest that you can pay and start looking for covers falling below that cost. Make phone calls to various insurance companies and make inquiries of a cover that is within your reach.


  • Consider The Extent Of Your Excess

The excess is the amount that you are required to pay in the event of an accidental damage claim . You need to make consideration on this amount. Usualy you can  choose how much you want this excess to be as it can make a huge difference to the price of your car insurance.


  • Getting the Insurance Cover at the Right Time

Don’t be exploited by insurers when you rush to buy your cover when it is almost expiring. Insurers tend to exploit drivers who rush at the expiration of their covers. You can avoid the exploitation by buying your cover 2 weeks before your existing cover expires. At this period the insurers tend to compete on prices so you can get the cheapest insurance quote.


  • Go For Lesser Known Insurance Companies

Some insurance firms quote hefty priced premiums if you own certain types of cars. The most affected are the ones that have older cars, big engine and also modified cars. Majority of firms normally stay away from these cars and if they accept, you have to dig deeper into your pockets. Or you might need to do some extra calling  to find companies that will insure unusual cars.


Additional Tips  To Pull For A Cheaper Premium

There are plenty of other moves that you can pull so as to get a cheaper premium package and they are as follows.

  • Never insure your car for over its worth. Make a realistic premium amount and also factor in depreciation.
  • Go for cars with a moderate or low fuel capacity, this is basically one with a smaller engine. Cars with larger engines usually cost more in insurance and some companies avoid such cars due to the high chances of risk that they provide to the company.
  • Opt for newer models of vehicles which are easy to dispose of in the case of insurance write off. Also getting the spare parts and conducting repairs is way cheaper for newer models compared to the vintage or classic cars, some of which went out of production decades ago.
  • Check on your mileage as the more the mileage, the more the insurance companies charge in premiums due to the wear and tear rate especially if  your annual mileage is  over 15,000 KM.
  • If you have secure parking/garage the better as you may strike a better deal with your insurance provider as companies dont prefer that you park your car off the street at night.
  • Go or the third party option more so if you have a car with a lower value or for young drivers.
  • You can also cut out some extras such as breakdown assistance and windscreen cover. In case, you don’t find them necessary, just cut them off and you will end up saving some few euros.


Insurance Tips For New Drivers

When Getting An Insurance Cover Proves Difficult

You can find yourself in a situation where you have been denied car insurance from like three companies. In such a situation do not get into a frenzy, instead, file an appeal at Insurance Ireland Declined Cases Committee. Here your case is reviewed and insurance will be acquired for you unless it goes against the public interest. Get more information on the Declined Cases Agreement from Insurance Ireland.